Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2024-05-24 04:41 CEST

Region: Ustecky

Albrechtice - Chabarovice
inactive UALB Albrechtice
inactive UBEC Becov
inactive UBEH Bechlin
inactive UBNP Benesov n.Ploucnici
inactive UBIN Bilina
inactive UBIL Bilina
inactive UBIG Bilina-gymnazium
inactive UBIP Bilina-poliklinika
inactive UBLT Blatno
inactive UBLS Blsany
inactive UBOL Bolebor
inactive UBOT Boletice
inactive UBOR Borislav
inactive UBRA Brandov
inactive UBBR Brany-Branciky
inactive UBRE Brezi
inactive UBRZ Brezno
inactive UBST Bríza-Straskov
inactive UBHO Bukova Hora
inactive UBYS Bystrany
inactive UCEL Celna
inactive UCED Ceradice
inactive UCER Cernice
inactive UCEN Cernovice
inactive UCKM Ceska Kamenice
inactive UCJR Cesky Jiretin
inactive UCIN Cinovec
inactive UDEC Decin
inactive UDCI Decin
inactive UDEO Decin 3-Obloukova
inactive UDEB Decin-Boletice
inactive UDEV Decin-Bynov
inactive UDED Decin-hlavni nadrazi
inactive UDEK Decin-Kotva
inactive UDEL Decin-Labske nabr.
inactive UDEN Decin-nemocnice
inactive UDEI Decin-Zelenice
inactive UDEZ Decin-ZPA
inactive UDEH Decin-ZU
inactive UDBR Dobrenec
inactive UDOB Dobrna
inactive UDUB Dubi
inactive UDBC Dubice
inactive UDUC Duchcov
inactive UDUU Duchcov-MU
inactive UFLA Flaje
inactive UHAC Hacka
inactive UHUV Haj u Vejprt
inactive UHAM Hamr
inactive UHAV Havran
inactive UHVN Havran
inactive UHOL Holesice
inactive UHSS Hora sv. Sebestiana
inactive UHOR Horany
inactive UHBE Horni Berkovice
inactive UHOH Horni Halze
inactive UHJI Horni Jiretin
inactive UHOS Hostka
inactive UHRO Hrob
inactive UHRU Hrusovany
inactive UCBR Chabarovice
Charvatce - Litvinov-polikl.
inactive UCRV Charvatce
inactive UCLM Chlumec
inactive UCHV Chomutov
inactive UCHT Chomutov
inactive UCMT Chomutov
inactive UCHO Chomutov
inactive UCHN Chomutov-NSP
inactive UCHH Chomutov-OHS
inactive UCHS Chomutov-Skroupova
inactive UCRM Chramce
inactive UJAN Janov
inactive UJHO Jeleni Hora
inactive UJET Jetrichovice
inactive UJIL Jilove
inactive UJLV Jilove
inactive UJIM Jimlin
inactive UJIR Jirkov
inactive UKAD Kadan
inactive UKAN Kadan
inactive UKDN Kadan
inactive UKAL Kalek
inactive UKLK Kalek
inactive UKLA Kladruby
inactive UKNO Klasterec n.O.
inactive UKLN Klinovec
inactive UKLI Kliny
inactive UKVZ Komari Vizka
inactive UKOM Komorany
inactive UKON Konetopy
inactive UKPC Kopecek
inactive UKOP Kopisty
inactive UKPS Kopisty
inactive UKPY Kopisty
inactive UKPM Kostomlaty p. Miles.
inactive UKPL Kostomlaty p.Miles.
inactive UKOV Kovarska
inactive UKVR Kovarska
inactive UKUC Kralupy u Chomutova
inactive UKLE Krasny Les
inactive ULAZ Lazany
inactive ULED Ledvice
inactive ULES Lenesice
inactive ULEN Lenesice
inactive ULSC Libesice
inactive ULUL Libesice u Litomeric
inactive ULSM Libesice u Mostu
inactive ULPR Libkovice pod Ripem
inactive ULVN Libochovany
inactive ULBC Libochovice
inactive ULBH Libochovice
inactive ULCH Libouchec
inactive ULPN Lipnice
inactive ULVA Lipova
inactive ULTR Litomerice
inactive ULTM Litomerice-Mlekojedy
inactive ULTP Litomerice-Pokratice
inactive ULTH Litomerice-ZU
inactive ULIV Litvinov
inactive ULIM Litvinov-Mirove nam.
inactive ULIL Litvinov-Pod lesem
inactive ULIP Litvinov-polikl.
Lkan - Petipsy
inactive ULKN Lkan
inactive ULKA Lkan
inactive ULOB Lobendava
inactive ULOA Lom
inactive ULCK Loucka
inactive ULON Louny
inactive ULOY Louny
inactive ULNE Louny-nemocnice
inactive ULOP Louny-Podebradova
inactive ULVC Loveckovice
inactive ULVS Lovosice-MU
inactive ULUK Lukavec
inactive ULUC Luzice
inactive UMAL Malecov
inactive UMLS Malesov
inactive UMAR Markvarec
inactive UMRT Martineves
inactive UMAS Mastov
inactive UMAX Maxicky
inactive UMEN Medenec
inactive UMDN Medenec
inactive UMDC Medenec
inactive UMZR Mezibori
inactive UMZB Mezibori
inactive UMIK Mikulov
inactive UMIL Milesovka
inactive UMLV Milesovka
inactive UMIS Misto
inactive UMNI Mnisek
inactive UMNS Mnisek
inactive UMDL Modlany
inactive UMLD Moldava
inactive UMST Most
inactive UMOB Most
inactive UMOT Most
inactive UMOS Most
inactive UMSL Most-blok 518
inactive UMSD Most-Budovatelu 1
inactive UMSB Most-Budovatelu 2
inactive UMOC Most-CSAV-UKE
inactive UMSF Most-Fibichova
inactive UMSS Most-SNP
inactive UMOI Most-Visnova
inactive UMSO Most-ZU
inactive UMTS Mstisov
inactive UNEH Nechranice
inactive UNEC Nechranice
inactive UNPM Nepomysl
inactive UNZB Nezabylice
inactive UNVO Nova Ves v Horach
inactive UNVH Nova Ves v Horach
inactive UNVI Nova Viska
inactive UNMK Nove Mesto v Krusnych horach
inactive UNSD Nove Sedlo
inactive UNSE Nove Sedlo
inactive UOSE Osek
inactive UOSK Osek
inactive UOSS Osek-zaklad.skola
inactive UPAV Pavlov
inactive UPSV Pesvice
inactive UPET Petipsy
Petipsy - Trebivlice
inactive UPEP Petipsy
inactive UPTR Petrohrad
inactive UPIS Pistany
inactive UPDB Podborany
inactive UPON Podborany-nemocnice
inactive UPLK Polaky
inactive UPRD Polerady
inactive UPOS Postoloprty
inactive UPRE Preskaky
inactive UPRN Prisecnice
inactive UPRS Prisecnice
inactive UPRI Prisecnice
inactive URAC Radechov
inactive URAD Radiceves
inactive URAV Radovesice
inactive URAZ Razice
inactive UROA Roudnice n.L.
inactive UROL Roudnice n.L.
inactive UROB Roudnice-Broskvovna
inactive UROD Roudnice-nemocnice
inactive URON Roudnice-nemocnice
inactive URDN Roudniky
inactive URUS Rumburk-det.stred.
inactive URUN Rumburk-nemocnice
inactive URUU Rumburk-Urad prace
inactive URZV Ruzova
inactive USEB Sebuzin
inactive USKY Skyrice
inactive USLA Slatinice
inactive USLC Sluknov-Cisarsky
inactive USMO Smolnice
inactive USND Snedovice
inactive USNE Sneznik
inactive USOB Sobechleby
inactive USRB Sterbina
inactive USTT Steti
inactive USTM Steti MU
inactive USTK Steti-mestska knihovna
inactive USRK Strkovice
inactive USJT Strojetice
inactive USRP Strupcice
inactive USUD Suchy Dul
inactive USUS Susany
inactive UTLN Telnice
inactive UTEX Teplice
inactive UTEM Teplice
inactive UTPX Teplice
inactive UTEL Teplice
inactive UTEC Teplice
inactive UTPH Teplice - hvezdarna
inactive UTEB Teplice-Bila cesta
inactive UTEK Teplice-Kamen.Lazne
inactive UTEO Teplice-OUNZ
inactive UTEN Teplice-Panorama
inactive UTEZ Teplice-ZU
inactive UTES Teplice-zvl.skola
inactive UTIS Tisa
inactive UTOU Touzetin
inactive UTRN Trebenice
inactive UTRE Trebenice
inactive UTBV Trebivlice
Treskonice - Zubrnice
inactive UTSK Treskonice
inactive UTMC Trmice
inactive UTUC Tuchorice
inactive UUUR Ujezd u Jirkova
inactive UUUJ Ujezd u Jirkova I.
inactive UUTK Ustek
inactive UUNL Usti nad Labem
inactive UULR Usti n.L.-Brna
inactive UULB Usti n.L.-Brna
inactive UUBR Usti n.L.-Brna
inactive UUND Usti n.L.-Divisova
inactive UUNF Usti n.L.-Fucikova
inactive UUCR Usti n.L.-Chabarovice
inactive UUCH Usti n.L.-Chlumec
inactive UUKV Usti n.L.-Kamen.Vrch
inactive UUKL Usti n.L.-Klise
inactive UUKO Usti n.L-Kostov
inactive UUKR Usti n.L.-Kras. Brezno
inactive UUKB Usti n.L.-Kras.Brezn
inactive UULN Usti n.L.-mesto
inactive UUMO Usti n.L.-Moskevska
inactive UUNE Usti n.L.-Nestemice
inactive UUPR Usti n.L.-Predlice
inactive UUPD Usti n.L.-Predlice
inactive UUNP Usti n.L.-Prestanov
inactive UULP Usti n.L.-Prokopa Divise
inactive UUST Usti n.L.-Sev.terasa
inactive UUNS Usti n.L.-Skrivanek
inactive UUSS Usti n.L.-Skrivanek 2
inactive UUSR Usti n.L.-Strekov
inactive UUNV Usti n.L.-Vanov
inactive UUSV Usti n.L.-Vetruse
inactive UULV Usti n.L.-Vseborice
inactive UUKP Usti n.L.-ZU- Pasteu
inactive UVAD Vadkovice
inactive UVAS Varnsdorf - ZS Edisonova
inactive UVAZ Varnsdorf-5.ZS Strel.
inactive UVEJ Vejprty
inactive UVEP Vejprty
inactive UVBR Velke Brezno
inactive UVER Vernerice
inactive UVEN Vernerov
inactive UVIC Vicice
inactive UVIK Vikletice
inactive UVIT Vitcice
inactive UVSE Vsechlapy
inactive UVSC Vsechlapy
inactive UVTE Vtelno
inactive UVYH Vyhlidka
inactive UVYK Vyskov
inactive UVYV Vyskov
inactive UVYS Vysluni
inactive UVYI Vysluni
inactive UVYN Vysluni
inactive UVJE Vysoka Jedle
inactive UVPE Vysoka Pec
inactive UZBK Zabokliky
inactive UZAC Zatec
inactive UZAT Zatec
inactive UZAZ Zatec
inactive UZAO Zatec-Obrancu miru
inactive UZAP Zatec-poliklinika
inactive UZEM Zemechy
inactive UZIZ Zizelice
inactive UZUB Zubrnice