Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of active localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2022-09-24 04:44 CEST

Region: Moravskoslezsky

District: Bruntal
active TBRI Bridlicna
active TBRS Bruntal-school
District: Frydek-Mistek
active TBKR Bily Kriz
active TFMI Frydek-Mistek
active TNSV Nosovice
active TOSG Ostravice-golf
active TPIS Pisecna
active TTRK Trinec-Kanada
active TTRO Trinec-Kosmos
District: Karvina
active TCTN Cesky Tesin
active THAR Havirov
active THAO Havirov ZU
active TKAV Karvina
active TKAO Karvina ZU
active TRYC Rychvald
active TVER Vernovice
District: Novy Jicin
active TSTD Studenka
District: Opava
active TCER Cervena hora
active TOVK Opava-Katerinky

District: Ostrava-mesto
active TOCB Ostrava-Ceskobratrsk
active TOFF Ostrava-Fifejdy
active TOHE Ostrava-Hermanice
active TOHA Ostrava-Hrabuvka
active TOHU Ostrava-Hrusov
active TOKP Ostrava-Krasne Pole
active TOMH Ostrava-Marianske Ho
active TOPD Ostrava-Poruba DD
active TOPO Ostrava-Poruba CHMU
active TOPR Ostrava-Privoz
active TORO Ostrava-Radvanice OZO
active TORE Ostrava-Radvanice ZU
active TOZR Ostrava-Zabreh