Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2024-07-16 04:47 CEST

Region: Liberecky

District: Ceska Lipa
inactive LBLI Blizevedly
inactive LBRE Brevniste
inactive LCLZ Ceska Lipa OZS
inactive LCLO Ceska Lipa-OHS
inactive LCLS Ceska Lipa-Slovanka
inactive LCVE Ceska Ves
inactive LCLB Ces.Lipa-Bulharska
inactive LDOZ Doksy ZOL
inactive LDUB Duba
inactive LHPO Horni Police
inactive LJET Jestrebi
inactive LNBO Novy Bor
inactive LPVE Panska Ves
inactive LPIH Pihel
inactive LPRH Prachen
inactive LSVO Svor
inactive LVVA Velky Valtinov
inactive LZAK Zakupy
District: Jablonec nad Nisou
inactive LBEP Bedrichov-prehrada
inactive LDES Desna
inactive LHMA Horni Maxov
inactive LHRA Hrabetice
inactive LJNR Jablonec-Rynovicka
inactive LJNV Jablonec-Vysoka
inactive LJAN Janov n.Nis.
inactive LJIR Jizerka
inactive LJIK Jizerka
inactive LPUL Pulecny
inactive LSMR Smrzovka
inactive LTAN Tanvald
inactive LTZB Tepere-Zelezny Brod
inactive LZAS Zasada
inactive LZOL Zlata Olesnice
District: Liberec
inactive LALB Albrechtice
inactive LAUF Albrechtice u Frydlantu
inactive LAND Andelka
inactive LBIL Bila
inactive LBPO Bily Potok
inactive LBUL Bulovka
inactive LCDU Cesky Dub
inactive LDET Detrichov
inactive LDRU Druzcov
inactive LFRY Frydlant
inactive LFRD Frydlant
inactive LFRU Frydlant-Udoli
inactive LHEJ Hejnice
inactive LHRN Hradek n.Nisou
inactive LHRS Hradek n.Nisou
inactive LCHO Chotyne
inactive LCHR Chrastava
inactive LJED Jested
inactive LJTR Jitrava
inactive LLIH Liberec-Hanychov
inactive LLIM Liberec-mesto
inactive LLIO Liberec-OHS
inactive LLIR Liberec-Rochlice
inactive LLIZ Liberec-Ruzodol
inactive LLIS Liberec-stred mesta
inactive LLIV Liberec-Vratislavice
inactive LLBV Libverda
inactive LLPS Ludvikov pod Smrkem
inactive LMIN Minkovice
inactive LMLY Mlynice
inactive LNMS Nove Mesto p.Smrkem
inactive LNMM Nove Mesto p.Smrkem
inactive LRYN Rynoltice
inactive LSUJ Svijansky Ujezd
inactive LSYC Sychrov
inactive LUHE Uhelna
inactive LVRA Vratislavice
inactive LVRT Vratislavice
inactive LVSE Vselibice
District: Semily
inactive LHRC Harrachov-celnice
inactive LRNJ Rokytnice n.Jiz.
inactive LVNJ Vysoke n.Jizerou