Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2022-09-24 04:44 CEST

Region: Jihomoravsky

Blansko - Brno-Josefska
inactive BBLA Blansko
inactive BBRN Breclav-nadrazi
inactive BBRC Breclav-nemocnice
inactive BBRR Breclav-radnice
inactive BBRS Breclav-skola
inactive BBMR Brno-Arboretum
inactive BBNB Brno-Bohunice
inactive BBOC Brno-Cernopolni
inactive BBOD Brno-Dobrovskeho
inactive BBNH Brno-Hady
inactive BBOH Brno-Huskova ul.
inactive BBNJ Brno-Josefska
Brno-Krasova ul. - Brno-Skaunicove
inactive BBOK Brno-Krasova ul.
inactive BBNL Brno-Lesna vodarna
inactive BBNQ Brno-Lisen2
inactive BBNK Brno-Marakova
inactive BBNM Brno-Medlanky
inactive BBNO Brno-Obrany
inactive BBNS Brno-Pisarky
inactive BBOP Brno-Polni ul.
inactive BBNC Brno-Prizrenice
inactive BBNR Brno-Radlas
inactive BBNN Brno-Renneska
inactive BBOS Brno-Skaunicove
Brno-stred - Hodonin-nam. Osvob.
inactive BBND Brno-stred
inactive BBNX Brno-stred
inactive BBNT Brno-TJ I.BS
inactive BBNU Brno-Turany
inactive BBVV Brno-Veveri
inactive BBNZ Brno-VSZ
inactive BBNP Brno-Zluty kopec
inactive BBMZ Brno-Zvonarka
inactive BDAM Damborice
inactive BHOK Hodonin-kulturni dum
inactive BHOM Hodonin-MARINA
inactive BHON Hodonin-nam. Osvob.
Hodonin-nemocnice - Lipov
inactive BHOC Hodonin-nemocnice
inactive BHOO Hodonin-OU
inactive BHOR Hodonin-radnice
inactive BHOS Hodonin-skola
inactive BHOU Hodonin-SOU
inactive BHOP Hodonin-tr.Pionyru
inactive BHOZ Hodonin-ZDS
inactive BHVR Hruba Vrbka
inactive BIVA Ivancice
inactive BKYJ Kyjov
inactive BLNM Lednice na Morave-HM
inactive BLIP Lipov
Lovcice - Zidenice
inactive BLOV Lovcice
inactive BMIK Mikulov
inactive BMIM Mikulov-Muslov
inactive BOSL Oslavany
inactive BRJE Rajec-Jestrebi
inactive BRAT Ratiskovice
inactive BRAS Ratiskovice
inactive BROH Rohatec
inactive BSTR Straznice
inactive BTYN Tynec
inactive BVES Veseli-statni statek
inactive BVNO Vnorovy
inactive BVRA Vracov
inactive BVYK Vyskov
inactive BZID Zidenice