Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2023-10-10 04:38 CEST

Basic data
Locality code: BHOM
Name: Hodonin-MARINA
State: Česká republika
Owner: ORGREZ, a.s.
Region: Jihomoravsky
District: Hodonin
Basic administrative unit: Hodonín
Abbreviation: I/-/-
EOI - station type: industrial
EOI - zone type:
EOI - zone characteristics:
EOI B/R - subcategory:
Residence address

ORGREZ, a.s.
Budovatelů 2531
43401 Most
Tel.: 476702785
Coordinates: 48° 50´ 33.875" North latitude 17° 7´ 39.167" East longitude
Altitude: 161 m
Supplementary data
Terrain: unresolved
Landscape: unresolved
Representativeness: unresolved
V sídlištní zástavbě.
List of measuring programmes:
Code Type
inactive BHOMM Manual measuring program
Establishment and termination of the measuring site:
Date of establishment: 1983-01-01 Date of termination: 1991-12-31

Map of locality position