Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of all localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2024-07-16 04:47 CEST

Region: Karlovarsky

Bosov - Cheb
inactive KBOS Bosov
inactive KBUB Bublava
inactive KBUK Bukovany
inactive KCIH Cihelny
inactive KDRY Dolni Rychnov
inactive KFLA Fr. Lazne
inactive KFLC Fr.Lazne-Chebska
inactive KFLR Fr.Lazne-Ruska
inactive KHAB Habartov
inactive KHAK Habartov-Kluc
inactive KHAJ Haj
inactive KHAR Hartousov
inactive KHLA Horni Lazy
inactive KHOR Hory
inactive KHRA Hranice
inactive KHRZ Hroznetin
inactive KHRO Hroznetin
inactive KCHL Cheb
active KCHM Cheb
Cheb-ESKA - Kvetna
inactive KCHE Cheb-ESKA
inactive KCHU Cheb-U hradu
inactive KCHZ Cheb-zubni odd.
inactive KJAC Jachymov
inactive KKAM Kamenice
active KKVA Karlovy Vary
inactive KKVR Karlovy Vary
inactive KKVM Karlovy Vary
inactive KKVO Karlovy Vary-OHS
inactive KKFE Kfely
inactive KKLI Klinovec
inactive KKOL Kolova
inactive KKOS Kostelni
inactive KKUD Krasne udoli
inactive KKRA Krasno
inactive KKVD K.Vary-Dvorak.sady
inactive KKVL K.Vary-lazne
inactive KKVT K.Vary-Trocnov
inactive KKTN Kvetna
Kynsperk n.Ohri - Pocatky
inactive KKNO Kynsperk n.Ohri
inactive KLIT Litov
inactive KLON Lomnice
inactive KLOM Lomnice
inactive KLOU Louka
inactive KMLD Mar.Lazne-Dimitrov
inactive KMLK Mar.Lazne-Kras.Domov
inactive KMLH Mar.Lazne-LD Hron
inactive KMEZ Meziroli
inactive KMNM Mlynce-HM
inactive KNAL Nadlesi
inactive KNAD Nadlesi
inactive KNVE Nova Ves
inactive KNKO Nove Kounice
inactive KOST Ostrov
inactive KONO Ostrov n.Ohri
inactive KPAS Pastviny
inactive KPER Pernink
inactive KPCT Pocatky
Pocerny - Sokolov
inactive KPRY Pocerny
inactive KPRN Pocerny
inactive KPHR Podhora
inactive KPDL Podlesi
inactive KPLM Polom
inactive KPOT Potucky
inactive KPRE Prebuz
active KPRB Prebuz
inactive KRAJ Rajec
inactive KROV Rovna
inactive KRUD Rudne
inactive KSAB Sabina
inactive KSAN Sabina
inactive KSIN Sindelova
inactive KSKH Skalna-Hajek
inactive KSKL Sklare
inactive KSLA Slatina
active KSOM Sokolov
inactive KSOL Sokolov
Sokolov-nemocnice - Zlata
inactive KSON Sokolov-nemocnice
inactive KSOP Sokolov-poliklinika
inactive KSOV Sokolov1
inactive KSRN Srni
inactive KSSD Stare Sedlo
inactive KSSL Stare Sedlo
inactive KSNO Straz nad Ohri
inactive KSTU Studenec
inactive KSUC Sucha
inactive KSVA Svatava
inactive KTEP Tepla
inactive KTSE Tri Sekery
inactive KTRS Trstenice
inactive KUDR Udrc
inactive KVIN Vintirov
inactive KVIT Vitkov
inactive KZAL Zalmanov
inactive KZHO Zelena Hora
inactive KZDV Zelezny Dvur
inactive KZLA Zlata