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Approximated greenhouse gas inventory

Updated: 22.04.2024 10:55 CEST (regular update)

Results of approximated inventory

According to Regulation 2018/1999 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU, all EU Member States are required to report their approximate (proxy) GHG emission inventories for year (t-1) by 31 July of the current year (t). These are only approximate estimates. Final GHG emission inventories are published the following year (t+1).

Approximated inventory year Reporting year Data - CSV Data - MS Excel
2022 2023 GHG_proxy_csv_2022 GHG_proxy_xls_2022
2021 2022 GHG_proxy_csv_2021 GHG_proxy_xls_2021
2020 2021 GHG_proxy_csv_2020 GHG_proxy_xls_2020
2019 2020 GHG_proxy_csv_2019 GHG_proxy_xls_2019
2018 2019 GHG_proxy_csv_2018 GHG_proxy_xls_2018
2017 2018 GHG_proxy_csv_2017 GHG_proxy_xls_2017