The yearbook “Air Pollution in the Czech Republic in 2013” is the joint work of the team of authors from CHMI Air Quality Protection Division, including the experts from CHMI regional branches.

Data on ambient air quality presented in this yearbook were measured within the National air pollution network in cooperation with CHMI laboratories. The collected data were verified and processed in the Air Quality Information System database which includes also the outputs provided by the cooperating institutions, and mainly by health institutes, Czech Energetic Works, a. s. (CEZ), Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, p.r.i., Czech Geological Survey, Water Management Research Institute TGM, p.r.i., Hydrobiological Institute, municipal authorities and other contributors. The database also includes the information from the boundary areas of Germany and Poland.

The processing of emission data is ensured by CHMI in cooperation with the Czech Environmental Information Agency (CENIA). Further, emission balances are processed also with the contribution of the experts from Czech Statistical Office, Transport Research Centre, p.r.i. and Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Further necessary background information was submitted by the Military Geographic and Hydrometeorological Office in Dobruška, Czech Statistical Office, Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Transportation Engineering of the City of Prague.

The yearbook for the year 2013 is presented in a new structure and with partly changed content. The purpose of this change is to bring more explicit interpretation of the measured data and to give more space for the most important message of this publication, i.e. for the information on the state of ambient air quality in the CR and its development.

I would like to thank to all colleagues who participated in the work related to the preparation of the yearbook as well as to the staff from cooperating institutions for their contributions. Special thanks belong to the editors of the yearbook, Ing. Jana Ostatnická and RNDr. Leona Vlasáková, Ph.D., for their efforts and involvement in reworking and revising the texts, maps, graphs and tables. I believe that this publication will be a valuable aid for your work. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the provided services.

Prague, September 2014

RNDr. Jan Macoun, Ph.D.
Deputy Director for Air Quality Protection