Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2023-09-28 04:39 CEST

Region: Plzensky

District: Domazlice
inactive PDIL Dily
inactive PDON Domazlice-nemocnice
inactive PKDY Kdyne
inactive PKOL Kolovec
inactive PZEL Zelezna
District: Klatovy
inactive PBRC Brcalnik
inactive PBDT Budetice
inactive PKLM Klatovy Meteo
inactive PKLO Klatovy OHS
inactive PPRA Prasily
inactive PPRE Prenet
inactive PSPI Spicak
inactive PSTE Stepanice
inactive PSUS Susice
District: Plzen-mesto
inactive PPLB Plzen-Bory
inactive PPLY Plzen-B.Smetany
inactive PPLC Plzen-Castkova
inactive PPCH Plzen-Cerveny Hradek
inactive PPLD Plzen-Denisovo. nab.
inactive PPLH Plzen-Habrova
inactive PPLU Plzen-Husovo nam.
inactive PPLK Plzen-Karlovarska
inactive PPLO Plzen-Koterovska
inactive PPLT Plzen-Koterovska
inactive PPLM Plzen-Masarykova tr.
inactive PPLN Plzen-Rokycanska
inactive PPLR Plzen-Roudna
inactive PPLS Plzen-Skvrnany
inactive PPLZ Plzen-Zabelska
District: Plzen-jih
inactive PLOS Losina
District: Plzen-sever
inactive PBEZ Bezverov
inactive POBO bora
inactive PBUD Budec
inactive PBUU Budec-Unesov
inactive PCEB Ceska Briza
inactive PKRA Kralovice
inactive PKRS Krasov
inactive PKRI Krimice
inactive PLIP Lipi
inactive PMAL Malesice
inactive POBR Obora
inactive PPRI Prisov
inactive PVEL Velecin
inactive PVID Vidzin

District: Rokycany
inactive PBSO Busovice-Osek
inactive PKRE Kreslovna
District: Tachov
inactive PJDV Jalovy Dvur
inactive PKZN Konstantinovy Lazne
inactive PLOU Loucky
inactive PMIL Milevo
inactive PPER Pernolec