Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2023-09-28 04:39 CEST

Region: Olomoucky

Bila Voda - Kuncice
inactive MBVO Bila Voda
inactive MBLU Bludov
inactive MBUP Brodek u Prerova
inactive MDLU Dluhonice
inactive MDST Dolni Studenky
inactive MDRA Drahotuse
inactive MHRA Hranice
inactive MHYN Hyncina
inactive MKOZ Kozlovice
inactive MKUN Kuncice
Lestina - Olomouc-Hodolany
inactive MLES Lestina
inactive MLIT Litovel
inactive MLOV Lovesice
inactive MLBM Lubomer
inactive MLUK Luka
inactive MMOH Mohelnice
inactive MOLO Olomouc
inactive MOLC Olomouc-Capka Choda
inactive MOLF Olomouc-Flora
inactive MOLD Olomouc-Hodolany
Olomouc-hotel - Prerov
inactive MOLT Olomouc-hotel
inactive MOLH Olomouc-OHS
inactive MOLR Olomouc-radnice
inactive MOLV Olomouc-Velkomoravska
inactive MOSE Osek
inactive MPAP Paprsek
inactive MPOK Polkovice
inactive MPOR Poruba
inactive MPDM Predmosti
inactive MPRV Prerov
Prerov-B.Hovurkov. - Sumperk
inactive MPRB Prerov-B.Hovurkov.
inactive MPRM Prerov-Male Novosady
inactive MPRL Prerov-Velka Dlazka
inactive MPNC Prosenice
inactive MPSO Prostejov-Olomoucka
inactive MPSL Prostejov-stat.lesy
inactive MPSS Prostejov-Svatoplukova
inactive MREJ Rejviz
inactive MSTR Strazisko
inactive MSMP Sumperk
Sumperk MU - Zborov
inactive MSMU Sumperk MU
inactive MSMZ Sumperk ZUS
inactive MSMN Sumperk-nadrazi
inactive MSMM Sumperk-nemocnice
inactive MSMO Sumperk-obchodni dum
inactive MSMT Sumperk-Temenice
inactive MTRO Troubky
inactive MUJE Ujezdec
inactive MVER Vernirovice
inactive MZBV Zborov