Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of terminated localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2023-09-23 04:44 CEST

Region: Pardubicky

Benatky u Litomysle - Holice
inactive EBUL Benatky u Litomysle
inactive EBYL Bylany
inactive EBYS Byst
inactive EBYT Byst
inactive ECZB Cerna Za Bory
inactive ECTR Ceska Trebova
inactive EDLI Dolni Lipka
inactive EDRE Dolni Redice
inactive EDUJ Dolni Ujezd
inactive EDNL Doubravice n.Lab.
inactive EDZN Dzbanov
inactive EDZV Dzbanov
inactive EHLA Hlavecnik
inactive EHOE Holice
Holice - Lazek
inactive EHOC Holice
inactive EHOL Holice
inactive EHRO Hrobice
inactive ECRO Chroustovice
inactive ECHL Chrudim-Palackeho
inactive ECHP Chrudim-Pozarniku
inactive ECVL Chvaletice
inactive EJEN Jenisovice
inactive EKAM Kamenicna
inactive EKAL Kasalicky
inactive EKAC Kasalicky
inactive EKOC Koci
inactive EKRP Krasne-Polomka
inactive ELAZ Lazek
Libomerice - Pardubice-Svitkov
inactive ELIB Libomerice
inactive ELIP Lipoltice
inactive EMTR Moravska Trebova
inactive EMTL M.Trebova-Linhart.
inactive ENED Nedvezi
inactive ENEM Nemci
inactive EOSS Osik-sad
inactive EOTR Ostretin
inactive EPAD Pardubice-DUKLA
inactive EPAR Pardubice-Hurka
inactive EPAH Pardubice-Hurka
inactive EPAN Pardubice-nabr.CSLA
inactive EPAP Pardubice-Polabiny
inactive EPAS Pardubice-Svitkov
Pardubice-Tyrs.sady - Svitavy-Kollarova
inactive EPAT Pardubice-Tyrs.sady
inactive EPOD Podlesi
inactive EPOL Policka
inactive EPLC Prelouc
inactive EPRE Prelouc
inactive EROY Rokytno
inactive ERND Ronov n.Doubravkou
inactive EROS Rosice
inactive ESOV Sovolusky
inactive ESHR Stare Hradiste
inactive ESTO Stolany
inactive ESUS Susice
inactive ESTV Svitavy
inactive ESTL Svitavy-Kollarova
Svitavy-Sokolovska - Zmrzlak
inactive ESTS Svitavy-Sokolovska
inactive ESTK Svitkov
inactive ETRE Trebarov
inactive ETUN Tunechody
inactive EUJE Ujezd
inactive EUOP Usti n.Orl.-Podmesti
inactive EUOS Usti n.Orl.-Stepnice
inactive EVIN Vinice
inactive EVIT Vitejeves
inactive EVRA Vraclav
inactive EZAJ Zajecice
inactive EZIC Zichlinek
inactive EZIV Zivanice
inactive EZMR Zmrzlak