Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of all localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2023-09-28 04:39 CEST

Region: Moravskoslezsky

Albrechtice - Havirov
inactive TALR Albrechtice
inactive TBIL Bilovec
inactive TBIS Bilovec-skola
inactive TBIU Bilovec-urad
active TBKR Bily Kriz
inactive TBBR Bobrovniky
inactive TBOU Bohumin
inactive TBOM Bohumin
inactive TBOH Bohumin
inactive TBON Bohumin
inactive TBOC Bohumin-Caslavska
inactive TBOK Bohumin-Skrecon
inactive TBOS Bohumin-st.Bohumin II
inactive TBOX Bolatice
inactive TBRI Bridlicna
inactive TBRM Brumovice MS
inactive TBRN Bruntal
active TBRS Bruntal-school
inactive TBRU Brusperk
inactive TBNB Budisov nad Budisovkou
inactive TCEL Celadna
active TCER Cervena hora
active TCTN Cesky Tesin
inactive TCTE Cesky Tesin
inactive TCTS Cesky Tesin
inactive TCTA Cesky Tesin-autobusove nadrazi
inactive TCTC Cesky Tesin-Chotebuz
inactive TDHL Dehylov
inactive TDEM Detmarovice
inactive TDET Detmarovice
inactive TDMN Dolni Lomna
inactive TDLN Dolni Lutyne-Nerad
inactive TDCK Dul CSA u Karvine
inactive TFPR Frenstat pod Radhostem
inactive TFRB Frenstat pod Radhostem-bazen
inactive TFRY Frycovice
inactive TFMO Fryded-Mistek-Ostravska ul.
active TFMI Frydek-Mistek
inactive TFMJ Frydek-Mistek - u jatek
inactive TFMB Fryd.Mistek-Beskyd.
inactive TFUL Fulnek
inactive TGMO Girova-Mosty
inactive THAT Hat
inactive THAV Havirov
active THAR Havirov
Havirov ZU - Morkov
active THAO Havirov ZU
inactive THAI Havirov 3
inactive THAB Havirov-Bludovice
inactive THAU Havirov-MU
inactive THAS Havirov-stadion
inactive THER Hermanovice
inactive THLU Hlucin
inactive THDS Hodslavice
inactive THBE Horní Benesov MS
inactive THDA Horni Datyne
inactive THLO Horni Lomna
inactive THTO Horni Tosanovice
inactive THOS Hostasovice
inactive TCHO Chotebuz
inactive TCHU Chuchelna
inactive TJAB Jablunkov
inactive TJIS Jistebnik
inactive TKST Karlova Studanka
inactive TKRP Karpentna
inactive TKAR Karvina
active TKAV Karvina
active TKAO Karvina ZU
inactive TKAD Karvina-doly
inactive TKAM Karvina-Mizerov
inactive TKAP Karvina-Pokrok
inactive TKAN Karvina-u NH
inactive TKLI Klimkovice
inactive TKOJ Kojkovice
inactive TKOP Koprivnice
inactive TKRM Krmelin
inactive TKRN Krnov
inactive TKRV Krnov-upravna vody
inactive TKNN Kunin
inactive TLIS Liskovec
inactive TLUB Lubina
inactive TLUD Ludgerovice
inactive TLHO Lysa hora
inactive TMAL Malenovice
active TMTY Metylovice
inactive TMET Metylovice
inactive TMIL Milotice
inactive TMIZ Mizerov
active TMRV Moravka
inactive TMOR Moravka
active TMRK Morkov
Mosty u Jablunkova - Ostrava-Hrabuvka
inactive TMUJ Mosty u Jablunkova
active TMJS Mosty u Jablunkova-Šance
inactive TNUJ Navsi u Jablunkova
inactive TNEB Nebory
inactive TNOS Nosovice
active TNSV Nosovice
inactive TNOC Nosovice
inactive TNJK Novy Jicin-Kojetin
inactive TNJM Novy Jicin-mesto
inactive TNJS Novy Jicin-Senov
inactive TNYD Nydek
inactive TODR Odry
inactive TODO Odry-OU
inactive TODS Odry-skola
inactive TOLD Oldrichovice
inactive TOLL Oldrichovice-dolni
inactive TOLE Olesna
inactive TOLS Olesna-II
inactive TOND Ondrejnik
inactive TOVA Opava
inactive TOVB Opava-Bilovecka ul.
active TOVK Opava-Katerinky
inactive TOKO Opava-Komarov
inactive TOVN Opava-Nakladni ul.
inactive TOVO Opava-Olomoucka ul.
inactive TOUZ Opava-univerzitni zahrada
inactive TORV Orlova
inactive TORL Orlova
inactive TORN Orlova-nemocnice
inactive TORP Orlova-Poruba
inactive TORR Orlova-Poruba
inactive TRAO Orlova-Rajcula
inactive TORZ Orlova-Zimni Dul
inactive TOBH Osoblaha
inactive TOBL Ostrava-Belsky Les
inactive TOCL Ostrava-Cerna Louka
active TOCB Ostrava-Ceskobratrsk
inactive TODD Ostrava-domov duchodcu
inactive TOEF Ostrava-EF VSB
inactive TOFN Ostrava-fak.nemocnice
active TOFF Ostrava-Fifejdy
inactive TOHE Ostrava-Hermanice
inactive TOHO Ostrava-Hostalkovice
inactive TOHB Ostrava-Hrabova
inactive TOHR Ostrava-Hrabuvka
Ostrava-Hrabuvka - Raztoka
inactive TOHA Ostrava-Hrabuvka
inactive TOHN Ostrava-Hranecnik
active TOHU Ostrava-Hrusov
inactive TOKP Ostrava-Krasne Pole
inactive TOKU Ostrava-Kuncicky
active TOMH Ostrava-Marianske Ho
inactive TOMR Ostrava-Marianske Hory
inactive TONH Ostrava-NH
inactive TONV Ostrava-Nova Ves-areal OVak
inactive TONO Ostrava-Novinarska
inactive TOPE Ostrava-Petrkovice
active TOPD Ostrava-Poruba DD
active TOPO Ostrava-Poruba CHMU
inactive TOPU Ostrava-Poruba IV.
inactive TOPC Ostrava-Poruba IV.
inactive TOPB Ostrava-Por./V.obvod
active TOPR Ostrava-Privoz
inactive TOPI Ostrava-Privoz ZU
inactive TORA Ostrava-Radvanice
active TORO Ostrava-Radvanice OZO
inactive TORC Ostrava-Radvanice plicni
inactive TORS Ostrava-Radvanice Senovska
active TORE Ostrava-Radvanice ZU
inactive TOSO Ostrava-Slez.Ostr./ZOO
inactive TOSB Ostrava-Stara Bela
inactive TOSM Ostrava-stred mesta
inactive TOSV Ostrava-Svinov
active TOZR Ostrava-Zabreh
inactive TOZB Ostrava-Zabreh
inactive TOZA Ostrava-Zabreh
inactive TOST Ostravice
active TOSG Ostravice-golf
inactive TPAL Palacov
inactive TPND Panske Nove Dvory
inactive TPET Petrovice
inactive TPUK Petrovice u Karvine
inactive TPEK Petrovice u Karvine
inactive TPEA Petrovice u Karvine OU
inactive TPTV Petrvald
inactive TOPT Petrvald
active TPIS Pisecna
inactive TPRS Prasiva
inactive TPRV Prasiva
inactive TPRI Pribor
inactive TRAZ Raztoka
Rychvald - Zermanice
active TRYC Rychvald
inactive TRYM Rymarov
inactive TRYJ Rymarov-Janovice
inactive TSED Sedliste
inactive TSEN Senov
inactive TSOK Slezska Ostrava-Kamenec
inactive TSRU Slezske Rudoltice
inactive TSBE Stara Bela
inactive TSHA Stare Hamry
inactive TSNA Stonava
inactive TSNV Stonava
active TSTD Studenka
inactive TSTU Studenka
inactive TSUD Sudice
inactive TSNO Suchdol nad Odrou
inactive TSUN Sunychl
inactive TSHO Svetla Hora
inactive TSVI Svibice
inactive TTRC Trinec
inactive TTRI Trinec
inactive TTRM Trinec - Stare Mesto
active TTRK Trinec-Kanada
inactive TTRA Trinec-Konska
active TTRO Trinec-Kosmos
inactive TTRL Trinec-Lyzbice
inactive TTRR Trinec-Nebory
inactive TTRN Trinec-nemocnice
inactive TTRB Trinec-Novy Borek
inactive TTRS Trinec-Sosna
inactive TTRU Trinec-uciliste
inactive TTJN Trojanovice
inactive TTJO Trojanovice OU
inactive TVJA Velky Javornik
inactive TVPO Velky Polom
active TVER Vernovice-Dolni Lutyne
inactive TVIT Vitkov
inactive TVRA Vratimov
inactive TVRT Vratimov
inactive TVRZ Vrazne
inactive TVRB Vrbice
inactive TVRE Vresina
inactive TVLH Vysni Lhoty
inactive TZBY Zbyslavice
inactive TZEN Zenklava
inactive TZEM Zermanice
inactive TZER Zermanice