Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of all localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2021-10-19 04:45 CEST

Region: Olomoucky

Belotin - Kozlovice
active MBEL Belotin
inactive MBVO Bila Voda
inactive MBLU Bludov
inactive MBUP Brodek u Prerova
inactive MDLU Dluhonice
inactive MDST Dolni Studenky
inactive MDRA Drahotuse
active MPHR Hranice
inactive MHRA Hranice
inactive MHYN Hyncina
active MJES Jesenik-lazne
inactive MKOZ Kozlovice
Kuncice - Olomouc-Flora
inactive MKUN Kuncice
inactive MLES Lestina
inactive MLIT Litovel
active MLOS Lostice
inactive MLOV Lovesice
inactive MLBM Lubomer
inactive MLUK Luka
inactive MMOH Mohelnice
active MNMA Novy Malin
inactive MOLO Olomouc
inactive MOLC Olomouc-Capka Choda
inactive MOLF Olomouc-Flora
Olomouc-Hejcin - Predmosti
active MOLJ Olomouc-Hejcin
inactive MOLD Olomouc-Hodolany
inactive MOLT Olomouc-hotel
inactive MOLH Olomouc-OHS
inactive MOLR Olomouc-radnice
active MOLS Olomouc-Smeralova
inactive MOLV Olomouc-Velkomoravska
inactive MOSE Osek
inactive MPAP Paprsek
inactive MPOK Polkovice
inactive MPOR Poruba
inactive MPDM Predmosti
Prerov - Strazisko
active MPRR Prerov
inactive MPRV Prerov
inactive MPRB Prerov-B.Hovurkov.
inactive MPRM Prerov-Male Novosady
inactive MPRL Prerov-Velka Dlazka
inactive MPNC Prosenice
active MPST Prostejov
inactive MPSO Prostejov-Olomoucka
inactive MPSL Prostejov-stat.lesy
inactive MPSS Prostejov-Svatoplukova
inactive MREJ Rejviz
inactive MSTR Strazisko
Sumperk - Zborov
inactive MSMP Sumperk
inactive MSMU Sumperk MU
inactive MSMZ Sumperk ZUS
inactive MSMN Sumperk-nadrazi
inactive MSMM Sumperk-nemocnice
inactive MSMO Sumperk-obchodni dum
inactive MSMT Sumperk-Temenice
active MSMS Sumperk-5.ZS
inactive MTRO Troubky
inactive MUJE Ujezdec
inactive MVER Vernirovice
inactive MZBV Zborov