Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of all localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2023-09-23 04:44 CEST

Region: Niederösterreich

Amstetten - Gr. Enzersdorf II.
active 2AMS Amstetten
active 2BIE Biedermannsdorf
active 2DUN Dunkelsteinerwald
active 2FOR Forsthof
active 2GAN Gänserndorf
active 2GRE Gr. Enzersdorf II.
Hainburg - Klosterneuburg Verkehr
active 2HAI Hainburg
active 2HEI Heidenreichstein
active 2IRN Irnfritz
active 2KEM Kematen
active 2KLO Klosterneuburg
active 2KLV Klosterneuburg Verkehr
Kollmitzberg - Pöchlam
active 2KOL Kollmitzberg
active 2KRE Krems
active 2MAN Mannswörth
active 2MIS Mistelbach
active 2NEU Neusiedl
active 2POC Pöchlam
Purkersdorf - St. Valentin-A1
active 2PUR Purkersdorf
active 2SCH Schwechat
active 2SRT Sreithofen
active 2SPO St. Polten
active 2SPV St. Pölten Verkehr
active 2SVA St. Valentin-A1
Stockerau - Zwentendorf
active 2STO Stockerau
active 2TRA Traismauer
active 2TRS Trasdorf
active 2TUK Tulbinger Kogel
active 2TUL Tulln
active 2WOL Wolkersdorf
active 2ZIE Ziersdorf
active 2ZWE Zwentendorf