Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

List of active localities, where air pollution is measured

Updated: 2024-07-13 04:42 CEST

Region: Prague

District: Praha 1
active AREP Praha 1-n. Republiky
District: Praha 2
active ALEG Praha 2-Legerova
active ARIE Praha 2-Riegrovy sady
District: Praha 3
District: Praha 4
active ACHO Praha 4-Chodov
active ALIB Praha 4-Libus
District: Praha 5
active ARER Praha 5-Reporyje
active ASTO Praha 5-Stodulky

District: Praha 6
active ALER Letiste Praha
active ABRE Praha 6-Brevnov
active ASUC Praha 6-Suchdol
District: Praha 7
active AHOL Praha 7-Holesovice
District: Praha 8
active AKAL Praha 8-Karlin
active AKOB Praha 8-Kobylisy
District: Praha 9
active AVYN Praha 9-Vysocany
District: Praha 10
active APRU Praha 10-Prumyslova
active ASRO Praha 10-Srobarova
active AVRS Praha 10-Vrsovice