Information about air quality in the Czech Republic

Year: 2018

Preliminary overview of the ambient limits exceedances

calculated of both operational data (yet unverified) and verified data

Updated: 2019-06-30 04:46 CEST

Values given regardless of whether the number of valid measurement meets the criteria for calculating the aggregated data (annual average).

Description Value
Purpose: Health protection
Pollutant: PM10 - particles PM10
Averaging interval: 24 hours
Unit: µg/m3
Ambient limit: 50
Max. permissible number of exceedances: 35
Owner: ČHMÚ
Data supplier: ČHMÚ-pobočka Ústí n/Labem
Code of the measuring programme: LJIZM
Locality: Jizerka
Sequence Date Value
1 2018-02-08 06:00 54.0