BBML, Brno-Lany

Situation in the year: 2013

Basic data
Locality code: BBML
Name: Brno-Lany
State: Česká republika
Owner: Statutory City of Brno
Region: Jihomoravsky
District: Brno-mesto
Basic administrative unit:
Abbreviation: B/S/RN
EOI - station type: background
EOI - zone type: suburban
EOI - zone characteristics: residenta;natural
EOI B/R - subcategory:
Residence address
Lány 34
625 00 Brno-Bohunice
Statutory City of Brno
Kounicova 67
601 67 Brno
Tel.: 542 174 558
Fax:.: 542 174 509
Coordinates: 49° 9´ 54.937" North latitude 16° 34´ 50.925" East longitude
Altitude: 228 m
Supplementary data
Terrain: The lower part of a mild slope, up to 8%, inverse area
Landscape: Scarce low-storeyed built-up area (village, residental area)
Representativeness: District (County) scale (0.5-4 km)
List of measuring programmes:
Code Type
BBMLA Automated measuring program
Establishment and termination of the measuring site:
Date of establishment:2000-01-01 Date of termination: