AREP, Pha1-nam. Republiky

Situation in the year: 2013

Basic data
Locality code: AREP
Name: Pha1-nam. Republiky
State: Česká republika
Owner: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
Region: Prague
District: Praha 1
Basic administrative unit: Praha
Abbreviation: B/U/C
EOI - station type: background
EOI - zone type: urban
EOI - zone characteristics: commercial
EOI B/R - subcategory:
Residence address

ČHMÚ - Libuš CLI
Gen.Šišky 942
14200 Praha 4 - Libuš
Tel.: 244033467
Fax:.: 241727935
Coordinates: 50° 5´ 17.038" North latitude 14° 25´ 45.193" East longitude
Altitude: 190 m
Supplementary data
Terrain: The ground of an open, aerated valley
Landscape: Built-up area, non-built-up area, marginal parts of municipalities
Representativeness: Microscale (several to 100 m)
List of measuring programmes:
Code Type
AREPA Automated measuring program
AREPD Passive samplers
Establishment and termination of the measuring site:
Date of establishment:2007-06-26 Date of termination: